Ms. Antyka Xayaphone

National University of Laos

Hi! I am Antyka. You can call me An for short. I am currently studying International Relations at the National University of Laos. Because STEM education in my country is not well known, through this workshop, i strongly believe that I would get to know more about STEM and bring those lessons to my community. Besides, I love volunteering and am interested in finding ways to improve education system in my country. I can’t wait to see you all!

STEM Sill Gaps in ASEAN: Participants Perspective

Abstract: Laos, while being a developing country, has a high demand for STEM skills,  because we are in the process of building a better and more civilized society. A growing demand for professionals in science, technology, engineering and mathematics is met with a significant labor shortage in these fields. Yet, those skills are not known enough, and people do not recognize the importance of STEM. Hence, it is valuable to raise awareness about STEM skills in my community. For instance, how can we have a better communication if we do not have a quality engineer. In my perspective and through my own experience, young people are focusing on what is trendy, so will it be possible to make STEM trendy by showing them the good use of STEM? And how is the role of STEM plying in the society? Finally, STEM is needed to build and make society even more prosperity.