Chhayuth Sin

Third Year Student

My name is Chhayuth Sin. Currently, I am a third year student majoring in business administration at American University of Phnom Penh. For the three years that I have studied here, I have learnt a lot of important skills, one of which is the skill to communicate. I have also been very active on campus. I am a member of the business club that my friends and I created back in 2016.. I am also a member of the IT club and I attend meetings regularly because I am passionate about learning about technology and sharing with others. Also, I view championing for STEM education in Cambodia as compulsory. Broadening the education in STEM not only helps spur the growth of the economy and making it competitive on the global stage, but it also helps the people in maneuvering their life in the 21st century as almost everything revolves around STEM.