Ms. Chhuoy Kalyan

Medical entomology technician, Institut Pasteur du Cambodge

Kalyan Chhuoy is a technician of Medical Entomology Laboratory and Field Operation at the Institute Pasteur du Cambodge, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Born in Svay Rieng Province, Kalyan graduated from high school in 2010. She was especially interested in astronomy, biology and arts. With family and academic conditions, Kalyan decided to continue her Bachelor degree in Biology at the Royal University of Phnom Penh and graduated in 2014. She went on to finish her Master’s degree in Biodiversity Conservation from the same university. Her master’s degree thesis focused on research on marine resources where she learned to identify fish, invert, coral reef, seagrass and substrate. During her time as a Master’s degree student, Kalyan worked as a research officer assistant and a controller in Zoo Museum and library of the Center for Biodiversity Conservation program at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. She also volunteered with Son Saa Foundation where she worked on healthcare and climate change adaptation. Kalyan also has experience working on fresh water resource management, particularly on fish and flooded forest resources in Cambodia.Chhuoy Kalyan


I am Chhuoy Kalyan, a medical entomology technician at the Institute Pasteur du Cambodge. At the YSEALI STEM Education Regional Workshop, I will be sharing about three things: my work in natural resources management, my experience as a woman in STEM fields and the challenges. It is important for women to pursue STEM education because it helps them to be involved in decision making. Additionally, in natural resources management, women are just as effective as men. Lastly, there are challenges that come with working in STEM professions just like in any other fields, and I believe that women can do it. This talk aims to encourage women in conversation field to involve them in environmental and conversation activities.