Dr. Do-Yong Park

US Fulbright Visiting Fellow

Dr. Do-Yong Park, Associate Professor in the School of Teaching and Learning at Illinois State University (ISU). He earned his Ph.D. from The University of Iowa in 2001 and has been teaching at ISU since 2002. He also taught at The University of Helsinki in Finland in 2009 on his sabbatical. His areas of research include Renewable Energy, STEM Education, and Geoscience. Dr. Park has trained more than 550 inservice science and math teachers in Thailand, Cambodia, Finland, Korea, and the United States on STEM education. Dr. Park also was an invited keynote speaker at a conference in Korea, Finland, and Taiwan. Dr. Park, as Master Trainer of the GLOBE Program, has trained, thus far, more than 500 science and math teachers. His grant work was on GLOBE/NOAA Climate Change in preservice science education. One of his GLOBE teachers’ works was detailed in a local newspaper and TV as outstanding innovation in science instruction. His work was also chosen as GLOBE Star and shared with around 20,000 GLOBE teachers and thousands of students, scientists, and community members worldwide. Particularly, the work of the environmental program ‘GLOBE’ was supported by Illinois Association of Teacher Educator’s (IATE) research grant in which preservice science teachers conducted inquiry-based learning projects in a global context through international collaborations. Since 2005, Dr. Park had served as proposal review panel for NSF, USDoE, and NASA for the projects of renewable energy and STEM Education as an expert in science education research, pedagogical content knowledge, and program evaluation.