Dr. Gail Dickinson

Associate Professor in Science Education at Texas State University

Gail Dickinson is an associate professor in science education at Texas State University. Previously she spent 10 years as an award-winning science teacher at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy in Austin, Texas and an additional eight years as a Master Teacher in the UTeach program at University of Texas Austin. Her research focus is teacher development. In 2011 Dr. Dickinson along with four colleagues developed and field tested an interdisciplinary problem-based science course for first year Cambodian university students. In 2013 the team returned to Cambodia to conduct a six-week inquiry teaching methods workshop for university faculty. Every July since 2014, Dr. Dickinson has brought Texas State University students to Cambodia for study abroad. This affords her the opportunity to follow up with previous faculty trainees. As the 2015-2016 Fulbright Scholar in Cambodia she worked with universities, NGOs and government agencies to improve science teaching for one year. She is currently on developmental leave for one year in Cambodia where she is continuing her Fulbright work.

Link to Presentation: INQUIRY TEACHING