Dr. Song Sopheak

Research Fellow
Cambodia Development Resource Institute

Dr. Sopheak Song obtained both his MA and PhD in Education and Human Science from the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University, Japan. Before joining CDRI in October 2016, he undertook post-doctoral research at the Global Career Design Center and the Center for Research and Practice of International Cooperation in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education (SMATEC), both belonging to Hiroshima University. His research has focused on academic achievement, classroom teaching, teacher education, STEM education, industry-university linkages and TVET in Cambodia.


Abstract:  The demand for skilled labor in Cambodia has been increasing dramatically in recent years as a consequence of both industrial technological changes and national industrial strategies.  However, the skilling and re-skilling of Cambodian labor force is not in keep with this demand. While the industrial sector has absorbed huge labor force from the agriculture, it has not
significantly improved skills since a large majority of employments are in the low-skill, low-tech industries such as garment and footwear production. This presentation addresses the issues of skills shortage and skills gap in existing Cambodian labor market, with a particular attention to careers in STEM and discusses the future demand of STEM skills as dictated by national
industrial policies and the advent of Industry 4.0.