Ms. Ho Seanghuoy

Head of Diagnostic Microbiology Laboratory and a Medical Microbiologist

Ms. Ho Seanghuoy is the Head of Diagnostic Microbiology Laboratory and a Medical Microbiologist at one of the biggest public hospitals in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She holds a Master’s degree in Medical Microbiology from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, USA under the prestigious Fulbright Program from 2012-2014. After graduation, she worked as a virus researcher at Kagoshima University, Japan for 2 years, developing diagnostic technique to help identify animal viruses. She is also a recipient of several scholarships and awards including Study of the US Institute for Student Leaders (SUSI 2009), Honda award for Young Engineers and Scientists from HONDA Foundation, Japan (YES 2010) and Fulbright Outstanding Southeast Asian Student Award (Fulbright 2013). With the passion and commitment in science throughout her career, Ms. Seanghuoy brings leadership and her technical expertise to help improving diagnosis of infectious diseases and guide clinicians for correct antibiotic prescription. As a woman in Science, she strongly believes that the motivation and commitment of the young generations in STEM is crucial in developing our community and making the globe a better place for all.


Women and girls are invaluable resources in bringing STEM to the upper level for regional development. Despite the stereotypes and judgments that girls are not suitable for STEM, we all strive to prove that such perception is wrong. We women are not born with limitations of our capability. We are born to pursue our interests and dreams as anyone else and the reason STEM needs us is simply because we can do it. We do need more STEM role models who can inspire our next generations; remove barriers that we were previously afraid to cross and continue help each other through networking across the borders. There are many STEM women who are now leaders in many fields including agriculture, engineering industry, medical care, education, policy, etc. Today’s job markets open more opportunities for women from STEM field with high-paid benefits. Understanding that society needs us, we need to be successful in STEM path. Society needs STEM for development and this cannot be achieved without women and girl contribution. Together, we are strong.