Mr. Visal Phork

Vice Chair of the Board of Directors
STEM Cambodia Organization

Visal Phork, 26, is currently the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of STEM Cambodia Organization, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to further STEM Education in Cambodia. His involvement with the promotion of STEM Education commenced in 2015 when he became a volunteer of the first Cambodia Science and Engineering Festival (CSEF), at which he served as the bus team leader coordinating the arrivals of students from different high schools visiting the festival. The first CSEF was the first ever held national-level festival aimed at promoting STEM Education in Cambodia. It was a massive success. More than 10, 000 people showed up at the festival over the course of three days. Additionally, Mr. Visal continued to volunteer for the second and third CSEFs, held in 2016 and 2017, as the Director of Administration and the leader of the food court, respectively. Each of the two CSEFs successfully attracted approximately 20,000 people.

Notably, when STEM Cambodia Organization was originally established in 2016, Mr. Visal was selected as the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors. Since then, in addition to the annually-held CSEF, the signature festival of STEM Cambodia Organization, Mr. Visal has also assisted with the operation and financial management of the organization. As of today, under the outstanding leadership of Mr. Allen Tan, the Managing Director of STEM Cambodia Organization, many other projects directing at advancing STEM Education have been initiated and implemented, the most significant of which includes STEM Bus, STEM for My Future, and National Robotics Competition.