Mugni Bustari


Hello everyone ! I’am Mugni Bustari, 24 years old and I’m   from Indonesia. Currently, I work as teacher in a course in Padang city, West Sumatra Province. Usually, I teach science for junior and high school students. I love teaching because it is challenging. Everyday I meet with different student. Everytime they are developing in knowledge and it encourage me to develop my skill too. I am interesting at reading and watching. I like many genre of books and movies such as science fiction,comedy, biography. Regarding to STEM education, it is very fascinating because it collaborate between science, technology, engineering and math. This will be more attractive in learning process at school, if I can apllied this STEM education well. I want to learn more about STEM education in this workshop and then bring all the knowledge and share it with other   educators to reach the goal of STEM   education.