Ms. Sophie Nop

Fulbright Student Researcher

Currently conducting research in Cambodia on a Fulbright Scholarship, Sophie Nop helps increase STEM interest and identity among Cambodian youth, through mobile app development. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from the University of Washington. While in college, Sophie held many leadership roles that allowed her to strategically implement her passion for diversifying STEM opportunities. Such as, spearheading a technology conference that offered hands-on workshops in partnership with student and community organizations, as well as Microsoft. She also taught cybersecurity for her university’s Math Science Leadership summer program and was president of the User Experience Club. Driven to improve social justice beyond technology, she ran for student body president, and as president she partnered with campus and community leaders to solve systemic issues for thousands of students. Upon completion of her research, she looks forward to pursuing her graduate degree where she can help alleviate global social inequities through technology.


“We Are Makers” is an interactive session where attendees will learn about technology that is shaping our futures. Science, technology, engineering, and math is advancing rapidly and what is now possible in education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, and emergency response systems is challenging the way we understand and interact with the world. By gaining the building blocks of STEM education, diverse communities can help shape it. Therefore, to inspire everyone to not only use technology but to also build it – there will be a hands-on activity to learn about computer hardware and software.