Thiri Aung Kyaw


I am Thiri Aung Kyaw, a 20 year old Myanmar girl. I am currently attending the Technological University (Kyaukse), majoring in Electrical Power Engineering. I am interested in singing, hiking and volunteering. I performed as Communicating Officer in Youth Leadership and English Language Enrichment Program. I was the organizer of Debate Club(TU-Kse). I volunteered at Youth Camp, Shwe Sayti Old-aged home, Sink Kai Monastic School and many other places. Currently, I am a peer mentor and student advisor in YL-ELEP as well as a financial manager in Debate Club. STEM education plays a key role in promoting the economy, education, health, and technology. It is an insurance of civilization in Myanmar. That is why I think STEM Education should be promoted as fast as possible in my country. I would love to be part of this honorable initiative by taking the responsibility that I am capable of.